Activity Due Date Grade
Group formation Jan 20 -
Project proposal (In class presentation and OnQ report) Jan 26 10%
Informal progress reports Weekly 5%
Progress Report (in class presentation and OnQ report) Presentations in class week of Feb 27; Report due March 3 20%
Poster (as part of end-of-term show) Submit March 29 for printing; present in Creative Computing show April 6 5%
Creative Computing Show presentation April 6 -
Final video (OnQ) April 13 10%
Game implementation (OnQ) April 13 50%

For detailed information on project milestones, see OnQ.

Attendance at all presentations is mandatory; failure to attend may result in a score of 0 on the presentation in question. Grades on final project will be assessed based on each group member's contribution to the project.

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