Liberi (Latin word for ‘free’) is a multiplayer exergame where players can play a variety of minigames by pedalling and reaching different levels of exertion. The minigames are composed of  a variety of activities such as building, racing, and fighting enemies. Liberi has been designed for children and teens with Cerebral Palsy to engage in physical activity in an fun and interactive environment. Liberi has a voice communication system so that players can cheer each other on, coordinate activities, or just chat about their days.

The Liberi world consists of a set of mini-games that can be accessed from the main world. Players can explore the portal world ‘Sunny Plaza’ to play different mini-games. In addition to playing mini-games, players may also purchase in game items using currency earned through mini-games to customize their avatar.

The mini-games currently present in the world are:

  • Gekku Race : Players race their Geckos against each other to get to the top! Players can spit cashews at their opponents (low energy attack)  or breathe fire (high energy attack) to cause other players to lose their grip.   A round is complete when the first player reaches the top. Players receive coins after the race as they fall down the tree. Players who continue to pedal as they fall will receive for every  meter they fall.
  • Dozo Quest :  Play as a spiky ball in a desert filled with with enemies, obstacles, traps, and and extra coins to collect. The players can use energy to complete dash attacks to jump and damage their enemies. Watch out for the powerful boss at the end!
  • Biri Brawl : Players compete in a free-for-all style game. Each player controls a jellyfish who must defeat other players in an epic showdown. Players can charge up energy to revive their character and provide themselves with bonuses such as health regeneration and stronger attacks. Other power ups can be collected as they float across the screen. First player to ten points wins the round.
  • Pogi Pong : This is a competitive team based game in which players aim to guide a star into the other teams goal while avoiding obstacles and the other team. Players can move the star by moving into it or by hitting it with a dash (low energy attack) or a force field (high energy attack). In order to be successful, players should communicate with their teammate to coordinate their offence and defence.
  • Bobo Ranch : Control a bird and assist other players in herding the lost sheep back into their ranch! Players use lassos to drag the sheep back. The more they charge up their energy by pedalling, the better their lasso throwing is. Remember, it’s twice as hard to drag twice as many sheep back at the same time. There is a bonus bounty if players work together to drag sheep back to their ranch!
  • Wiskin Defense : Players arm themselves with either a close range weapon such as the giant spork or a long range weapon such as the pineappler and head to the frost cave to beat back the hoard of undead gatto to save the tiny wiskins from defeat!

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